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Do Not Find Me by Kathleen Novak

As a young man Gigi Paulo arrives in New York and is immediately drawn to a girl he sees in a bar near Penn Station. Before he can approach her, she is gone. He returns to the bar for weeks, hoping to see her again, dreams of her at night and searches the crowds for her face. Quiet and careful, he is not the type to become obsessed by a stranger. But obsessed he is.


Two years later he meets her at a party. Her name is Corrine. She seems to like his cooking and the blues albums he collects, but she never stays with him for long. As he discovers the secrets and violence of her life, Gigi finds himself unable to rescue her and barely able to save himself. He flees New York, but his obsession with Corrine follows him, even when he returns to his home in northern Minnesota, where he marries, has a daughter and fishes the deep, quiet lakes he knows so well.


After he dies, his daughter uncovers her father’s desire for this unknown woman, leaving her to question the inherent perils of his life as well as her own.


Dark and poetic, Do Not Find Me moves between the voices of Gigi Paulo and his daughter with a compelling grace, its haunting undercurrents remaining long after the story has ended.








“The result

is a taut

and beguiling


on love, loss,

secrets, and silences.

Tender and

intricately written,

this well-crafted

novel is poetic,


and beautiful.”


Kirkus Reviews

November 1, 2015


"Do Not Find Me, written by

a Minneapolis-based author raised on the Iron Range,

is so stunning in its beautiful writing you will want to

read it twice, just to savor

her poetic talents."


Mary Ann Grossman 

Pioneer Press 

2 0 1 7  M I N N E S O T A  B O O K

 A W A R D  F I N A L I S T  

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